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          TC-60B 全自动封边机


          TC-60B 1.jpg


          1. Stable performance.

          2. The glue port can be replaced by an optional EVOK made clean-free PUR system.

          3. High edge banding speed up to 20m/Min.

          4. Wooden banding belt thickness should be less than 15mm.

          5. Including functions: Gluing/Edge feeding/Edge cutting/Ends trimming /Fine finishing/ Scraping/Polishing

          Technical Specs

          ◎Power source: 380V/50Hz/3HP+N

          ◎Min. panel width: 60mm

          ◎Min. panel length:100mm

          ◎Panel thickness: 10-60mm

          ◎Banding belt thickness: 0.3-12mm

          ◎Banding belt width: 12-65mm

          ◎Feeding speed: 10-30m/Min.

          ◎Air pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa

          ◎Total power:7KW

          ◎Machine size:4000x950x1750mm

          ◎Machine weight:1800kg