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    服務專線 400-8868-299


    產品組成/Product composition


    This product is made up of nano emulsion, plant antiseptic and plant mildew inhibitor.


    施工工藝/Construction technology


    ★The product mainly adopts roller coating and brush coating; it is not suitable for spraying and scraping;


    ★The product can be directly used after being fully stirred and evenly mixed. It is forbidden to dilute it with water;


    ★The product shall be evenly painted on the back of ceramic tile or mosaic (wet film thickness ≥ 30um) → flat and dry (≥ 1 hour) → after the film is basically formed → paving and pasting;


    ★The construction environment temperature is between 5 ℃ and 35 ℃, and the relative humidity is not more than 75%.

    注意事項/Matters needing attention


    ★The product should not be applied with solvent paint at the same time;


    ★The construction personnel shall take effective labor protection during the construction process. If it is stained (splashed) in the eyes or on the skin, they shall immediately wash them with clean tap water; in case of allergy and other symptoms, they shall immediately take the product certificate or the product packaging jar to the nearest hospital for treatment;


    ★The disposal method of waste and packaging cans of this product shall comply with the laws and regulations issued by the state and government departments at all levels.

    儲存運輸/Storage transport


    ★The storage temperature is between 5 ~ 35 ℃, and it should be stored in a dry and cool place to avoid sun exposure, rain, humidity and freezing;


    ★Avoid collision and over stacking during storage and transportation.

    特別提示/Special note


    ★See the product certificate for product quality standards, product delivery date and shelf life.

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